Navetta 30

Presented at Boot Düsseldorf 2019, the new entry level yacht of the brand’s Navetta Series gives numerous reasons for interest, including the first collaboration with Architect Filippo Salvetti for the exteriors and the architecture firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel for the interiors.

Custom line is always looking ahead in the direction of comfort, style, and performance. This constant striving to improve the yachting experience is what underlies Navetta 30, a new project developed as the entry-level yacht of the Navetta series and heir to the design philosophy that inspired the bestsellers Navetta 33, Navetta 37 and Navetta 42.

The new Custom Line project stems from the collaboration between the Product Strategy Committee, headed by engineer Piero Ferrari, and Ferretti Group's Engineering Department, with architect Filippo Salvetti for the exterior design and the design and architecture firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel for the interiors.

The collaboration with Citterio-Viel, the very first for Custom Line, produced a true revolution of style, with furnishing solutions created exclusively for this project and two different aesthetic moods inspired by a return to the spirit of the sea. The many design innovations include the motif of the ceilings, the stairs leading to the decks, and the exclusive furnishing accessories.

“The nautical world needs design, intended as a deep technical and stylistic discipline that can bring an appropriate and innovative language to an age-old know-how
, commented Patricia Viel. “Our collaboration with Ferretti Group, via the Custom Line brand, brings us to a new level of synthesis between nautical engineering, interiors, and timeless style.”