Peri 41T

If you are the kind of person who raises the stakes wherever you go, the Peri 41 Triple will feel to you like coming home.

This palatial triple-decker yacht was built to cater to your every whim. If you are accustomed to living in great style, this is your residence at sea. The Peri 41 Triple shares your conviction that vast areas of space and privacy are one of life’s greatest luxuries. Its beam-wide staterooms and master bathrooms are amongst the outstanding benefits of its light but strong epoxy sandwich construction. Instead of cumbersome walls, you will enjoy spectacular views, lavish quantities of light, and endless room in which to display exquisite furnishings.

With its streamlined profile and graceful forms the Peri 41 Triple is a triumph of contemporary yacht design. Resolutely modern and a challenge to its peers, it will remain a rare, connoisseur’s privilege.