Soraya 46

The Soraya 46 is the first Soraya yacht to be designed by the Uniellé design studio which is led by Jure Bukavec. Her exterior is without doubt a real eye-catcher, ultra-modern yet elegant, she exudes an eclectic mixture of timeless elegance and an impressively high-tech naval appearance.

Soraya’s team of designers and stylists have achieved a real breakthrough in interior finishing and décor which reaches the heart of today’s demand for comfort and lifestyle. Space planning and style considerations have been driven on by the principles to provide privacy and comfort for the passengers. This also combines precise CAD cut furniture which has been hand finished to perfection and coated with the most sophisticated durable and elegant materials.

Soraya 46 contains true 21st century technology LED lighting requiring very little energy while producing minimal heat and wireless IP controlled electronics managed by the exclusive SICCS® (Soraya Integrated Communication Control System). Never has a yacht’s interior received more study and attention for each detail to improve and optimize the yachting experience.