Tankoa Yachts T450 is everything a superyacht should be, only made compact. Nothing about the 45-metre yacht feels small instead it is the embodiment of streamlined. No unnecessary details and no compromises. The wow of the T450 is, simply, the T450.

Tankoa’s debut 45m vessel presents a perfect balance of interior and exterior. This beautiful craft refines and purifies the Tankoa spirit of elegance and quiet luxury. Clean lines show off her grace. The upper deck streamlines the sleek shape of her body while the sun deck unifies the sense of symmetry. The smallest detail serves form via function. The optimal arrangement of the interior means no sacrifices in the living spaces. Inside are six full-size, full-luxury cabins.

The T450 is a precious jewel, which equals a super yacht in beauty, skill and construction, and fits in every marina. Tankoa’s first yacht under 50 metres extends the shipbuilder’s hard-earned experience in super yachts into smaller craft. The T450 embodies Tankoa’s values of innovation and excellence. Built in steel and aluminium, the T450 can be equipped with hybrid propulsion to reduce consumption and pollution, and to limit noise and vibration to imperceptible levels.