New Providence / Nassau Luxury Yachting Itineraries

A collection of hand crafted itineraries

  • 7 days
    New Providence / Nassau to New Providence / Nassau

    Amongst the many islands that make up the sailing paradise of the Bahamas are the Exuma Islands, a long stretch of exotic isles surrounded by sapphire sailing waters that have made the area a favourite spot for those seeking diving and snorkelling opportunities. From the bustling heart of Nassau to the peaceful and often deserted out-islands, an itinerary encompassing the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas is guaranteed to be one of rest, relaxation and pristine natural beauty.  Read Full Itinerary

  • 7 days
    194 Miles
    Abaco Islands to Abaco Islands

    Among the many islands that make up the sailing paradise of the Bahamas are the Abaco Islands chain and the spectacular Eleuthera. For a vacation featuring warm swimming conditions, captivating marine life and fine seafood cuisine, a week spent among these isles will not disappoint.  Read Full Itinerary

  • 7 days
    New Providence / Nassau to Exuma Islands

    From endless pineapple fields to white- and pink-sand beaches to secluded coves and miles of coastlines, Eleuthera & Harbour Island define The Bahamas. Read Full Itinerary

  • 6 days
    Puerto Caldera to Puerto Caldera

    Famous for its luscious forests and pristine beaches, Costa Rica is an exotic escape into Central America. With waters simply overflowing with colourful reef formations and verdant jungle which supports some truly rare and spectacular wildlife, an itinerary encompassing both of these delights is sure to impress. From the surfing giant of Golfito to the captivating waters of Isla Tortugas, this yachting adventure is for adventurers, dive-enthusiasts and sun-worshippers alike. Read Full Itinerary