90m Voyager: First Fully-Integrated Superyacht

M/Y Voyager
M/Y Voyager

The largest project ever undertaken in the 30 year history of Florida-based Voyager Maritime Alliance Group (VMAG) has been completed. Following a three year conversion from a commercial vessel, the custom 90m M/Y Voyager has been unveiled in Fort Lauderdale and becomes the first fully-integrated ocean-going superyacht, boasting some impressive unique innovations.

Before her christening as M/Y Voyager, the superyacht was known simply as ‘The Big Project’, which accurately sums up how she is regarded by those at VMAG. President of VMAG, David Leone, spoke of the scale of the refit operation. “Very little was left untouched throughout the vessel,” said Leone, “so it was crucial to manage each section of the refit, in the right order, to avoid any delays and additional costs.

M/Y Voyager’s refit brings an unprecedented level of automated technology fitted around the superyacht, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but ensures a seamless running of the vessel. “I am particularly proud to create the first ever entire superyacht vessel integration, with over 3.000 monitored points,” commented David Leone. “That was some achievement! This means that anywhere on the vessel there are access points that can monitor any type of activity.”

Such holistic visibility of all on-board systems allows the Captain to have complete control no matter where he may be on the yacht. Voyager benefits from unique integrated video switching, using laser detection sensors and high grade analytic cameras to record activity. Touch-screen consoles are then fed real-time analytical data to allow any necessary actions to be deployed and corrected immediately. Multiple glass touch-screen panels grace the yacht’s bridge, and enhance usability of the control systems to manage the vessel.

For the team at VMAG, this has been a monumental project successfully executed. Leone added that “with our team of technical engineers, I knew we could accomplish this particularly complex project.” Having successfully completed Voyager’s conversion, the company are now aiming to take on projects of a similar complexity and scale.

Reading between the lines following the launch of the first fully-integrated luxury yacht, one can deduce a prevalent trend of technological innovations in the industry. While Voyager is a trailblazer for integrated superyachts, advancements in technology are revolutionising all areas of the industry, notably being put to use to develop eco-friendly yachting.

I am particularly proud to create the first ever entire superyacht vessel integration
David Leone, President of VMAG