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AMELS 60: Second Amels x Espen Under Construction

AMELS 60: Second Amels x Espen Under Construction

Construction has begun on the second collaboration between renowned shipyard Amels and design mastermind Espen Øino. AMELS 60 becomes the latest of the Dutch shipyard’s Limited Edition semi-custom yachts and is scheduled to be launched in spring 2022. More than the striking design that is to be expected from these two industry leaders, Amels 60 will be built with innovative hybrid technology to ensure that she is future-proof.

Amels are already building a full custom 78m Espen Øino design that will be delivered in 2021, and it is clear that a mutual admiration is nurturing the growth of this partnership. Commenting on his second project with Amels, Espen Øino said “The Amels 60 is a package that no-one else can offer at this time. It’s a very well thought-through design where we incorporate all the experience AMELS has as a builder and we as designers. I think it is truly a design that reflects the future.”

Tapping into the resource of parent company Damen Shipyards’ in-house Research Laboratory, Amels have created an innovative and unique hull form, combining full-displacement comfort with fuel efficiency. “This is a very efficient hull form,” says Espen, “which in combination with the hybrid propulsion makes Amels 60 quite unique in this size and range of vessels.” The technology allows the yacht to cruise at 7 knots on electrical propulsion motors, while she can reach 4,500 nautical miles travelling at 13 knots in an eco-cruising mode.

Rose Damen, Managing Director of Damen Shipyards’ Yachting division, credited the new design as “a future proof hybrid package that our clients can rely on.” In a testament to the engineering behind Amels 60, Rose added that they had “developed pragmatic technology that works invisibly in the background to deliver maximum efficiency, minimum impact on our environment, with the widest operating flexibility.”

Amels 60’s interior, penned by Studio Indigo, has been designed with similar efficiency. The studio’s Creative Director and Founder, Mike Fisher, explained that he sought to “maximise the perception of space and flow,” which was achieved by “opening up the views and vistas between spaces to make them feel bigger, lighter and brighter.” The yacht’s future owner will no doubt have a luxurious interior fit to grace the Espen Øino design, and will be able to “experience different atmospheres that surprise and delight as you walk through the Amels 60.

Amels have built some of the world’s most magnificent yachts, including 83m Here Comes The Sun, have built over 40 Limited Edition yachts since the range was unveiled in 2007 and it continues to develop these pioneering designs. Rose Damen promises that “just like the global fleet of Limited Editions yachts at sea today, the AMELS 60 will be a beacon of trusted reliability, quality and comfort for decades to come.”

AMELS 60 will be a beacon of trusted reliability, quality and comfort for decades to come
Rose Damen, Managing Director Damen Shipyards