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Benetti Unveils Yacht Models at Cannes

Benetti BNow 65m
Benetti BNow 65m

Prominent shipyard Benetti has revealed three new yacht models at the Cannes Yachting Festival; Oasis 135’, Diamond 145’ and four BNow models. With these new products, Benetti looks to introduce new elements of style into its repertoire whilst remaining faithful to the essential elements of yacht design that underpin its history and tradition.

Oasis 135’ is a yacht designed by RWD, and is based on a contemporary take on the use of indoor and outdoor spaces for an owner in search of a distinctly informal relationship with the sea. The word oasis comes from the idea of a dream becoming reality, an apt name for a yacht that brings the promise of relaxation and relief.

The Oasis 135’ is a 41-metre displacement yacht with a fibreglass hull and superstructure, with a layout extending across four decks. She has a cruising speed of 14.5 knots, with a top speed of 15 knots and a range of 4,000 nautical miles at 11 knots.

Diamond 145’, the flagship of the Class product line fleet, is a yacht with a sophisticated design that represents the ultimate expression of displacement models in the Classic category. This 44-metre displacement yacht has many of the core features of the Benetti Displacement Class.

“The Diamond 145’ represents yet another step in the evolution of the Benetti Class Displacement range,” says Giorgio M Cassetta, yacht designer for Benetti. “The clean, smooth lines embrace the proportions of a big yacht. The high hull sides and extremely long reverse sheerline suggest leisure cruises in complete safety, while the sculpted masses of the superstructure define a refined and dynamic style. My team and I have researched each detail for three years to create a yacht that is extremely luxurious and immediately practical. The beach club in the stern, located right above the sea surface, is the most obvious novelty on the yacht, offering an independent, highly flexible and visually striking space.”

Two 1044kW engines drive the Diamond 145’ model to a top speed of 15 knots and will have a range of 3,800 nautical miles at 11 knots.

The 4 BNow models are Custom yachts, with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure weighing below 500gt, and again designed in collaboration with RWD. This model was created to offer a modern onboard lifestyle by connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. It has been assured that Benetti’s construction technology will ensure shorter construction times and therefore shorter delivery times. 

At the presentation of the new models in Cannes, the sale of the first BNow concept was announced. There will be four different lengths on offer: 50 metres, 55 metres, 63 metres and 68 metres. The layout will be entirely customisable and each one comes with a panoramic pool lounge as an extension of the aft deck and beach club.

With one model of the BNow concept already sold, these models are sure to sell fast with promises of short delivery times and a design that can be customised to your own taste and expectations. 

My team and I have researched each detail for three years to create a yacht that is extremely luxurious and immediately practical.
Giorgio M. Cassetta