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Breaking the Mould with Lürssen

Lurssen Release 'The Concept Collection' Publication
Lurssen Release 'The Concept Collection' Publication

As MYS 2018 comes and goes, business is still in full force at Lürssen. The shipbuilders have signed a new contract with an Asian owner for a 54m yacht, Project 13800, due for delivery in spring of 2021. They have also unveiled the winners of ‘The Concept Collection’ and welcomed two yachts for refit in their Blohm + Voss Hamburg facility.

Lürssen Contracted for 54m Build
Known for building yachts at the upper end of the size spectrum, Lürssen are also masters of the sub-90m range. In fact, they have delivered twice as many yachts of this size. They are currently pursuing projects in the smaller range, and see the manufacture of Project 13800 (Moon Sand) as the first step in reaffirming their capability in the 50-60m range, proving that they can accommodate all client requests. Peter Lürssen comments:

“While we are very grateful for the success of our large builds, it is essential not to forget that our core business must be between 50 to 80 metres. Although the preconception is that Lürssen only builds large yachts, we have delivered a considerable number of smaller vessels over the last 15 years, including 29 under 90-metre. Over the same period, we have delivered 15 yachts above 90 metres.”

The yacht for delivery will be a masculine build with harmonious lines and graceful touches, consisting of four decks with plenty of exterior space to accommodate friends, family and guests. The Bannenberg & Rowell interior is highly detailed, enhanced by bespoke furniture by Pollaro. Dickie Bannenberg shares his enthusiastic sentiments for the project:

“We are really excited to rekindle our long-standing relationship with Lürssen to work on the first interior and exterior collaboration since Coral Island in 1994. Project 13800 marks an important step into a new market segment for both Bannenberg & Rowell and Lürssen and we greatly look forward to her launch in spring 2021.”

The Lürssen Concept Collection
This MYS, Lürssen have also presented a publication called ‘The Concept Collection’, which entails design ideas by finalists of the “Young Designer of the Year Award”. Nine up and coming designers all received the same rubric: To create a 62m Lürssen, keeping in mind how the boat would be used for relaxing, sleeping, dining and entertaining. Peter Lürssen had the following to say about the competition's encouraging response:

We are pleasantly surprised at the quality and innovation of their work! As we continue our journey of building yachts to meet market demands, we hope that the client will be as inspired as we have by the wonderful talent of these young designers to build your dream Lürssen, regardless if it is 55 or 155 metres.”

Yacht Refits in Hamburg Facility
Back in 2016, Lürssen took over Hamburg shipyard Blohm + Voss in order to strengthen their refit activities, giving them unrivalled capabilities for sizeable refits in Northern Germany. This autumn, two yachts arrived at the Hamburg facility for major refits. One, delivered in 2003, will be substantially refitted and will remain at Blohm + Voss until 2019. The second was manufactured by Blohm + Voss in 2008 and will remain in Hamburg for 6 months. Modifications to these yachts will extend the yacht’s life expectancy so that they are once again comparable to a new build.

During the last year, multiple vessels ranging from 50 to 100m+ have used this facility for maintenance, among them such renowned builds as Lady Moura, Yas, Rising Sun, Radiant and Alfa Nero. Although work may differ from ship to ship, Lürssen always displays the German precision for which they are renowned the world over. 

Although the preconception is that Lürssen only builds large yachts, we have delivered a considerable number of smaller vessels over the last 15 years, including 29 under 90-metre.
Perter Lürssen, CEO of Lürssen Yachts