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Destination Spotlight: The City of Barcelona

The thriving city of Barcelona; a new superyacht hub on the rise.
The thriving city of Barcelona; a new superyacht hub on the rise.

Since the global spotlight landed on Barcelona, charter registrations in Spain have increased 31.7% in the space of one year, with 50% of those charters cruising Catalan and Balearic waters; according to superyacht hub OneOcean Port Vell. An icon of superyacht activity for 2016-17, we take a closer look at Barcelona, the surrounding cruising grounds and the events set to bring superyacht owners and charters to the city this summer.

Thanks to the influx of brokers and luxury yachts brought to the city by the recent MYBA Pop-up Show, not to mention the Formula 1 in Barcelona, the starting pistol has been sounded on summer season. But exactly why is Barcelona one of this year’s hottest destinations?

The City
With 24 Michelin Star restaurants, mooring in OneOcean Port Vell - no matter the size of superyacht - brings a whole new level of opportunity to explore one of the world’s most charming and cultural cities.

“The amount of superyachts at this event makes it feel like Monaco, but it’s Barcelona, and here, it’s more lively and people know how to enjoy themselves!” commented Felipe Massa at the recent Formula 1 in Barcelona.

The architecture of Barcelona is an amphitheatre to discovery, surrounding visitors with an artistic legacy with nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Park Güell or the Sagrada Familia, both designed by renowned architect Antoni Gaudí, are renowned examples while the Gothic Quarter - combined with the luxurious shopping and dining opportunities will keep adventurers busy for days.

“Barcelona is probably the most exciting city in Europe and it is no surprise that it was visited last year by 32 million people,” explains Nizar Taji, Sales Director of OneOcean Port Vell. “It is a diverse city attracting lovers of art, cuisine, architecture, sport, theatre and music.”

The street parties, food revelries and larger-than-life events in Barcelona - such as The Feast of Sant Joan, El Grec Festival, the Puig Vela Classic Regatta and La Merce Festival - are examples of this diversity, and part of the celebration of life Barcelona thrives on.

The Marina
“Last year, we had an 85% increase in the 80m category and 742% rise in yachts over 100m+,” continues Nizar Taji. “The sale of the 160-metre berth signifies that OneOcean Port Vell is one of the premier marinas in the Mediterranean and possibly the world. Since we announced the news of this berth sale, we have had a large increase in superyacht berth enquiries.”

The activity of superyachts in Barcelona has faced an incredible rise, with OneOcean Port Vell and Vilanova Grand Marina offering unparalleled accommodation for large yachts. The rise of which has led to a rejuvenation of interest across the charter spectrum, catering for those looking for a different take on the Mediterranean.

Superyachts such as Eclipse and Dilbar have acted as an icon of change for the region, but the cruising grounds that surround the hub are just another excuse to be involved in the luxury uprising.

The Cruising Grounds
Surrounding Barcelona is a coastal adventure of incredible food, sites and sailing responsible for the regions rise to popularity. The Balearics, home to a Spanish charter revolution, is filled with exclusive beauty, rich history, exquisite dining and unforgettable nightlife across Ibiza, Formentera, Menorca and Mallorca.

Using Barcelona as a hub, superyachts can also venture further down the coast to explore Spain or head to Sardinia and the Cote d’Azur to continue their adventure.

Barcelona is probably the most exciting city in Europe and it is no surprise that it was visited last year by 32 million people.
Nizar Taji - Sales Director, OneOcean Port Vell