DIBS '19: Dominating the UAE with Dominator Yachts

Angela Pernsteiner, Managing Partner - Dominator

With the spotlight well and truly on the UAE, it seems European shipyard Dominator have firmed their place as one of the leading superyacht builders for the region. Joined by Angela Pernsteiner, Managing Partner of Dominator, we discover the recipe to success behind the shipyard responsible for recent launch M/Y HANAA...

Not only has the week been a success in terms of footfall and engagement for Dominator Yachts, it has been the first year the shipyard have exhibited at the Dubai Boat Show with a yacht: M/Y HANAA. 

With boat owners in the Middle East finding the brand a preferable choice among builders globally, it seems Dominator is a great fit for the market here. "Boat owners in the Middle East really go crazy for the owner's cabin in the front on the main deck and this is what Lumen range is about!" shares Angela Pernsteiner, Managing Partner of Dominator Yachts. 

Angela continues: "The local owner's here really appreciate the Italian craftsmanship, and the huge ability for customization. For the owner of M/Y HANAA? The master cabin and the private bow areas are the two characteristics as to why he bought the yacht."

"Having a Western mindset, and properties all over the world, he really appreciates the Italian craftsmanship," shares Angela.

Having analyzed the market potential of the Middle East, Angela believes that this is a strong perspective market. The boutique and bespoke family approach is what sets Dominator apart: "We don't want to build 20 or 30 Ilumen piece a year. We are trying to find strategically located brand ambassadors that really understand the philosophy and can reach out to the market!"

So what's behind an Ilumen construction? Angela answers, "A lot of passion, emotion and time." Having spent the last week listening carefully to what locals are looking for in yachts, in this region it comes down to a few vital ingredients; from a spacious interior to wide outdoor spaces to be used for different purposes, it seems the Dominator Ilumen answers all the tastes and desires of the Middle East. 

Driving the force of innovation, Dominator have invested in conceptualized virtual reality to give owners a chance to grow through an Ilumen, wherever they are in the world, even before the Ilumen is constructed. With revolutionary technological developments being embraced, and a firm understanding of the Middle Eastern market, it seems the  success for Dominator is as impressive as ever. 

Boat owners in the Middle East really go crazy for the owner's cabin in the front on the main deck and this is what Ilumen range is about!
Angela Pernsteiner - Managing Partner, Dominator