Notes From The Editor

Editor's Note: A Fond Farewell

I leave the superyacht industry this week with a great wealth of memories, experiences and a new challenge ahead. My time spent travelling the world under the brand has been an incredible journey, but I take this final message to thank the colleagues, peers and friends I’ve made along the way.

Within my first week at, I found myself on Moonlight II in the middle of an Abu Dhabi sandstorm. Like most individual stories in the industry, that was my own dawning realisation that this was no ordinary job, and no ordinary community of individuals.

Since then, the variety and eccentric nature of each experience over eight years didn’t exactly change from the first time I stepped on board the 91.40-metre monster; taking me to the finest luxury locations across the world to promote the superyacht industry.

While my portfolio includes almost a decade of Monaco Yacht Shows, film shoots, interviews, video projects and countless articles, it’s the time spent with the creatives and dedicated professionals at, and individuals across the industry, that I value most.

But, to dwell on nostalgia would be to focus on the past, and I’d rather spend my final minutes in the office highlighting the amazing work still underway at

Having had the pleasure of overseeing the first phase of a major transitional period for the company, I can proudly say that many more phases are to follow, and the upcoming creative projects on the board are second to none.

While I still can’t say much about the new projects underway, I can announce that a new focus on written features and exclusives (both online and in print) is set to emerge in the very near future as I hand over my role to a whole new team.

Personally, a new challenge and a new direction marks 2018 as an important year for me, but more importantly, this is a defining moment for the brand and the band of talented individuals behind it.

Where I would usually sign off with the uninspiring ‘Until Next Time’ line, all that’s left to say, is farewell.