Notes From The Editor

Editor's Note: A Spotlight on Global Contenders

This week has given us a chance to focus on alternative build communities across the world thanks to new construction updates, brand-new launches and an upcoming visit to one of the most exciting yacht builders in the market today.

Turkey, a region which has grown exponentially in the yachting sector as well as having introduced some of the most exciting projects to date, is our key focus this week. From the Perini Navi Yildiz yard where the Maltese Falcon began construction to the launch of Turquoise’s Razan, and now the recent GO, Turkey has always been an interesting region to watch.

Turquoise themselves have continued to lead the way in terms of high-quality, expertly designed superyachts delivered directly into the Marmara. Working with revered designers around the world to mark the start of a new era, this is a yard which has always been a interest for me given the versatility of project in the shed, not to mention the exciting future of new builds currently underway.

The team will be heading to the yard next week for a full insight into the ethos of Turquoise construction, but in the meantime other yards from the region joined the fore such as Bilgin. Another Turkish builder of high-repute, Bilgin is currently working on two 80-metre sisterships. Following the reveal of the Bilgin 263, Mark 1 and Mark 2 are now sat side-by-side in the shed and leading a fleet of new projects set to raise the bar for the Bilgin brand.

Bringing something to the water recently was AES Yachts, after designer Steve Gresham followed the project from his days in H2 in 2004 to the delay in place of Graceful and the return to the project by the owner for launch this year. A uniquely styled superyacht with curved glass and a flowing profile, this is another iron in the fire of the region bringing cool new projects and a lot of activity back to the water.

Another notable region to add to the launch roster this week came in the form of the China, after Pride Mega Yachts introduced the 88.8-metre Top 100 superyacht Illusion Plus. We may have a collective view on Turkey this week with major new launches, but with a builder from China adding to the Top 100, this is a milestone moment for the region and a fantastic new addition to the global fleet.

Adding to the insights throughout the unique new launches of 2018, Christina Tsangaris returned to the owners of Utopia IV to discuss the lifestyle behind the construction, while Claudine Derksen looked into the brand-new Benetti Delfino 95 Uriamir.

But, while we prepare to head to the Bosphorus, you can keep up to date with our insights and updates across the news section, check our social feeds with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or email us here to discuss any content you think we’ve missed. Until next week!