Notes From The Editor

Editor’s Note: Changing Tides

And just like that; the long, hot summer was over. With a new season ahead of us and another boat show on the way, there’s been a clear change in the water as we look to Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, in what has been a Mediterranean dominated summer...

In fact our lead story this week is one that truly looks further than our beloved Mediterranean, with shipyard VSY looking to push the boundaries of hydrogen fuel cell technology to globally impressive levels. In a new partnership that the planet would be proud of, the yard has teamed up with Siemens and Lloyds Register to begin alternative fuel research that could change the way environmentalists look at the superyacht industry. Likewise, shifting the current industry's perception of 'eco-conscious yachting'.

The editorial team also took a look to the future this week by speaking to Charles Bombardier all about his inspiring Seataci concept. Designed with biomimetic propulsion systems and crafted to mirror the movement of whales, the system will see luxury travellers traversing the world’s oceans in a similar way to the sea mammal. Most importantly? With less impact on biodiversity. Another nod to the greener yachtsman, suggesting we as an industry are heading in a positive direction.

Elsewhere, and on a slightly less serious note, we heard industry updates from brokerages expanding their ever thriving fleet ready for the new season. Brokerage Imperial announced their latest central agency, 52M Amels, Grace while HMY announced the sale of 36M Ocean Alexander, Miss Moneypenny.

Of course, for those who are still reminiscing on the MYS, you’ll find the final few interviews published on our site this week. Two of the most influential companies in the industry, BWA and ACREW came to our studio to talk all things superyacht-support; with ACREW launching their latest product, Crew Match and BWA explaining the future of management, these are two videos you won’t want to miss.

Finally, we explored Illusion Plus’ interior for our weekly Interior Insight. A fascinating build for a number of reasons, the 88M stunned at last month’s show as not only the largest Asian superyacht to hit the water, but one that’s styling blends contemporary minimalism without the loss of its Eastern charm.

As we eagerly await the upcoming Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, looking to take the industry by storm once more, we continue to deliver the latest news to you. Stay tuned on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more!