Notes From The Editor

Editor’s Note: Contracts, Collaborations & Construction

With Palm Beach now weeks away, the world is looking to the edges of America with ongoing excitement, all while the exploration market continues to thrive and new-build contracts emerge unfettered. From where we stand at the close of the first quarter, it looks like 2018 could be a milestone chapter in the evolution of an industry.

Today’s announcement of the 80-metre new-build project by Winch Design revealed the largest yacht ever to enter construction with Dutch Builder Heesen Yachts. With a string of recent successes, this unforgettable milestone is the flagship of activity for 2018 so far, coming off the back of six sales for Heesen in 2017.

This is a major new collaboration between Winch Design & Heesen Yachts (among others this week such as Fendi & Invictus) brings forward so many exciting questions about what's to come for both the yacht and the yard.

Project Cosmos - titled in keeping with the intergalactic trajectory and designations of Heesen projects - is an advancement in its own right. The world’s largest, and fastest, aluminium yacht with a unique superstructure and profile to boot is an example of how, as owner’s progress, the ambition and creativity attached to the project progress with them.

Another breaking announcement was the sale of Grace E, the cutting-edge Picchiotti launch by Perini Navi which has now been sold by Y.CO. This contract adds serious agency to the upturn of the year, confirming the confidence in the market which is not only in high-demand for inventory, but something truly different.  

A prime example of the current market trend - personified by the rise in technological, experience-based and eco-friendly advancements - is the recent addition to the IYC brokerage fleet set for build with VSY. This explorer yacht can not only cross the world without guilt but brings technology on board to create a truly cutting-edge embodiment of the industry today.

There’s no doubt that the industry is changing and to report on its transformation, albeit gradually, is a primary focus of the team. Working on new projects, these (agreeably grandiose) statements are being backed up with every edit, interview and topic that we cover among our journey to bring you the very best this year.

However this, like most projects, is surrounded by confidentiality and to break the embargo at this stage would ruin the fun. But, as we work tirelessly to split ourselves between daily content and the big reveal, you can keep up to date with us across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or get in touch with us here to let us know your news.