Notes From The Editor

Editor's Note: Day Three at the MYS

It's hard to believe the sun has finally set on Day 3 of the MYS. Having welcomed over 50 people in total to our Breaking News Centre already, we've been bringing you everything you need to know from the docks and the most important updates from the industry.

Today we invited another round of the most well-known companies and their Directors, Owners and CEOs to tell us the latest from their world. 

The brokerage market is booming according to Denison - the large yacht sector of 60 metres plus has seen a huge increase in the last year and is set to continue growing. As well as this, brokers are seeing a real flux in the American Market thanks to the newly implemented yachting laws from government. 

We also interviewed a variety of lifestyle and luxury companies as well. Fun Air came to us today with a vast variety of new ideas and concept for new toys for yacht owners which will be very interesting for our younger generation of readers. 

Our final interview of the day was with the venerable Gaelle Tallinadra, the Show Director for the Monaco Yacht Show. From the leader of the pack, we heard the message of a new, younger generation which has been echoed a number of times this week in our studio. 

While the media team are now heading to our very own yacht event on highly-anticipated Illusion Plus, we'll be back in the Breaking News Centre bright and early to bring you the latest on the final day of the MYS 2018! But for now, check out our stunning round-up images from the day in the gallery below.