Notes From The Editor

Editor's Note: Day Two at the MYS

It's the second day of the MYS and we're back in the Breaking News Centre bringing you the latest news from on the docks. Following our first newsletter yesterday we're excited to bring you more from the best brokerages, designers and shipyards in the industry.

We started the second day in the studio with an interview with Winch Design. CEO, Aino Grapin listed off the numerous superyachts at anchor which boast Winch lines and/or interiors. We also learned more about highly-anticipated TIS; an elegant, French grandoise interior that we now cannot wait to see.

Later in the day we met Donald Starkey who spoke on the yacht design scene of today sharing that "A lot of the current designs I see look more like Nike trainers than luxury motor yachts" , a contraversial yet honest insight into a old-school creatives view on the industry.

Contraversy aside, their were some well anticipated, less suprising ocean debuts. CRN showcased their 50-metre spectacle M/Y Latona, alongside many other 'firsts' at the glistening waters of Port Hercules. Take 

Sales for the Feretti Group proved another prosporous year, "We sold 12 of the Dolce Vita Riva models that we presented in May at the F1 in Monaco, as well as five Navetta 42's and two Custom Line 120's" shared the CEO, proving nothing but success for the critically acclaimed Italian Group.

In other news, H2 Design shared insights on the superyacht all were routing for during the Superyacht Awards Gala which took place on Tuesday 25th September; M/Y Go. Although the Turquoise vision was a mighty contender, she didn't take the prize. However, it was well worth knowing the genius behind her aesthetic, owed only to the great British designer. 

However this wasn't the only 'great' we had on the chair. Perini Navi more than astounded with their updates, with visuals of the Perini Navi Cup that took place earlier in the week to astound us further. 

Fincantieri joined us for a double interviewwith Dutch architect, Van Geest Design who together shared details on their new concept named Mirage. With so much shrouded in secrecy shielded from the public domain, insights from the collaborators couldn't have been more eagerly anticipated.

We can't wait to share our daily updates with you from our Breaking News Centre, stay up to date with our fresh out the studio interviews online.