Notes From The Editor

Editor's Note: Discussing Classic Design & U.S. Demand

From the distinctive lines of VanTom to the in-depth insights across our Architecture Series, we’ve merged a focus on design with launch announcements as the world descends on Miami and the subsequent American boom; creating one hell of an interesting week in news.

Announcements may be thin on the ground as 2018 gathers momentum, but that didn’t stop CRN coming to the fore at the start of the week with the launch of Latona. This 50-metre masterpiece takes a traditional style and reshapes it to create a modern, stoic profile with a striking blue hull colour.

This notion of bringing the traditional to life in a modern manner is the theory of ‘contemporary classic’ turned proven evolutionary rule. The idea that the high-value ‘gin palaces’ and traditional ‘white hulls’ of yesteryear are subtly transforming into a new interpretation of 'classic' is a fascinating concept brought on by changing owner demands, and something we brought to the design industry in our Architecture Series taking place over February.

Tim Heywood, the revered designer known for the art of turning traditional into contemporary, spoke to me about the changing definition of ‘classic’, and very elements which make a design timeless. Tommaso Spadolini, the Italian designer celebrating his 40th year in the industry, also joined the debate with Rose Lishman to discuss the barriers surrounding classical design.

Taking a different approach to the idea of ‘classic’, Christina Tsangaris looked through the process and successes of interior refits with Bannenberg & Rowell with the focus of Illusion guiding us as a case study.

As the days progressed, new examples of this modern translation of traditionalism were presented in the form of Heesen Yachts’ Falcon (sold) and VanTom (delivered) this week.

Running parallel to the above was the excitement surrounding the Miami Yacht Show, an extremely relevant showcase given the rise in American brokerage across 2017 and 18. With the recent sale of Skyfall, we looked to the brokers involved to get an insight into how this represented the market landscape of today.

However, Miami has now opened its doors and will undoubtedly add agency to the discussions taking place across the superyacht industry. Until the dust settles, we’ll continue to look into the latest facets of evolving design and delivering updates as and when they emerge.