Notes From The Editor

Editor’s Note: Exploring New Lines & Nascent Escapes

As the winter season ebbs away and the Mediterranean welcomes back a fleet of superyachts looking to get a head start on summer, a renewed sense of excitement (along with better weather) means 2018 is heating up and bringing forward new announcements and new insights into the construction and charter community.

Being something of a self-confessed design geek, the stand-out story for me this week was the teaser sketch for a new 77-metre project recently signed by both Nobiskrug and Imperial Yachts. While the stripped-back sketch gives little away, what we do know is that the innovative lines illustrate a departure from the norm, and hint at a project worthy of Nobiskrug’s progressive portfolio.

Drawn by the revered team at Winch Design, this is a project on the cutting-edge given the collaboration at hand - the expert construction of Nobiskrug, the professionalism of Imperial Yachts, the pedigree of Winch Design and the vision of Sinot - this is undoubtedly a project to watch up to and after its delivery in 2021.

This, however, isn’t the only focal design to emerge this week as Tankoa announced the sale of a new 50-metre project akin to its sistership Vertige.

Having seen the existing form of Vertige first-hand, there’s no surprise as to why this design philosophy is returning for round two with a new owner, as its clean, modern lines and expertly designed spaces cement not only a new era for yacht design as a whole but an exciting trajectory for the builders.

Other new project insights emerged from the team at CdM, an Italian yard riding the wave of explorer demand who offered an insight ino new deliveries, new projects and a firm vision of capturing the 40-metre market of smaller, powerfully designed adventure vessels.

But, with my attention firmly on new projects, the team has been discussing the return of European charter this week as the sun brings a welcome change to the British gloom.

Our Charter Focus articles this week surround the upcoming availability of Soy Amor at the Monaco Grand Prix, as well as the brand-new listing of Imperial Yachts, Legenda. Be sure to follow the links for a more in-depth look at the charter tips we’re offering this week as we amp up our wanderlust moving into Spring.

Next week, we’ll be taking a deeper look at the upcoming return of the Summer lifestyle in preparation for the coastal escapes underway and the exclusive events on offer, but in the meantime, catch up with our news across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.