Notes From The Editor

Editor's Note: Golden Age Launch Joins New Contracts

Exploration is no longer just a trend, with new expedition vessels regularly emerging to satisfy growing market demands for experience; however, the classic style of the elegant white hull is going nowhere. Golden Yachts enforced the notion this week with the launch of O’Ptasia, a call-back to the golden age of yachting with a contemporary edge.

Entering into the echelons of the Top 100 at 85-metres (ranking as the new 95th largest yacht in the world), this remarkable superyacht brings traditional design to new levels thanks to a flowing, subtle elegance. Now in the water, O’Ptasia is the new flagship for Greek yacht builders Golden Yachts and the predecessor to famed builds such as O’Neiro (52m), Mia Rama (53m) and O’Pati (40m).

This also marks a milestone for Greece, bringing a new edge to the yacht construction industry and, given her new arrival, an attractive alternative for owners looking elsewhere to build. But, this is new entry into the Top 100 is also for charter, and we can’t wait hear more from her career on the water.

While these projects take years to come to fruition, acting as a snapshot of progressive demand at the time of ordering, new contracts have emerged this week highlighting today’s requirements with a new superyacht in Italy, and a new explorer in Holland.

Palumbo Superyachts, another shipyard entering into a new era has this week announced the signing of a new 50-metre project which offers stunning contemporary lines. Building on the work currently underway on the breakthrough 80-metre Columbus, part of the Palumbo Group, this is a shipyard to watch closely in the coming years.

Known for its prolific approach to yacht building, Benetti became part of the news once again with the launch of two Fast 125 superyachts My Way & Charade, adding to the ever-growing roster of intricately designed superyachts underway at the yard.

Van der Valk joined the fore this week by adding a new Explorer yacht project to the up and coming 28-metre adventure range; signing their third construction contract in the successful line of long-range yachts.

Our team is on the ground in Turkey this week to discuss a new age for the revered yacht builders at Turquoise, as well as a world of new projects underway, and will be bringing  you more in-depth discussions next week. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on our progress across Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.