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Espen Collaborations that Stunned the Industry

Photo Credit Guillaume Plisson ©
Photo Credit Guillaume Plisson ©

With pen to paper, a journey begins, one that captures the very essence of design; a desire to transform an organic artistic vision into reality. We take a glimpse at Espen Oeino, a leader in exterior design, as we delve into their thriving portfolio of collaborations that stunned the industry.

Sleek Stylings of M/Y Irimari 
Bold, feminine, with a slender silhouette, the 63m Irimari made its debut in 2015 with an Espen Oeino design. Supporting the stature of a Sunrise Yacht fleet member, its exterior design paying homage to the ocean with Espen lines, sleek and contemporary offering a sharp finish. Naval Architect Unique Yacht Design, is equally as striking. Stepping on board, its interior elegance comes into play, incredibly angular everything from its jacuzzi to its deck-bar gloats ultra-modern magnificence. German talent Focus Yacht Design match this retro feel with ample glass surfaces, marble finishes and a handful custom-designed furniture pieces. Offering a unique flair and character this cutting-edge space on the water fails to offer, offering the perfect mis-en-scene for discovering the world.

So Spectacular M/Y Solandge 
Wowing the industry as a Top 100 contender, it's no surprise Lurssen's Solandge at 85m made an impact in 2013. Still today, her monumental exterior blends masculine lines by Espen angular and dominant with a vibrant splash of ocean blue. Beside from its stature, noticeably powerful whether charging through the ocean or moored on the coast on an Italian isle, it exudes luxury. Take its top deck boasting an outdoor cinema and nightclub, or its lower deck sauna, it seems both its exterior design to its interior use of space has pushed boundaries and breaking current trends with another colossal creation. 

A Dazzling M/Y Northern Star
This star of the show was designed by Espen Oeino with a monumental 75.40m volume, she is strikingly elegant, a dazzling jewel of the ocean with a credible Espen vision. From near or afar, this poignant yet elegant vision is a sheer sight to behold. With expansive exterior deck space, its volume is adapted to an interior with the charm of a 'country house' by British designer Pauline Nunns. Taking up to 12 guests into her humble abode, this starlit spectacle glides at 7,000 nautical miles, combining the luxury of a Lurssen build with the glistening allure of an Espen design. So idyllic both internally and externally, this partnership is one of many matched unrivalled. 

Futuristic Flamboyancy on M/Y Galactica Super Nova
Super stylish and super futuristic is Galactica Supernova, the 70m spectacle with a design precision that echoes only the greatest of ground-breaking creations. A Heesen classic that takes centre stage in its portfolio, Heesen teams with Naval Architect Van Oossanen Naval Architects for a gleaming portal of travel that throws out the rule book on tradition. On board, it tells a similar story. With an ode to Sinot Exclusive yacht Design, golden hues, while leathers and warm tones give it the comfort of home you could desire when on a otherworldly vessel with such an appealing Espen innovation. 

Project Turned Prospect with M/Y Amadea 
Its crisp white figure, almost instantly recognisable, makes Lurssen's M/Y Amadea is a dream made possible by Espen Oino. Washing the landscape with her perfect proportion, unique stature and  eye catching silhouette  With a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, she covers five decks, her 104m space made her one of the most alluring Espen Oino partnerships to be delivered in 2016 paying homage to tradition blending timeless character with feminine grandeur. As we await an interior insight, its gleaming exterior lines pave the wave for an exceptional follow up.

An Ode to Tradition on M/Y Dilbar
Dilbar, a name that took 2016 by storm, is the 156m creation, custom built in 2016 by Lurssen in Germany showcases just what this power partnership can achieve. Its detail is intricate and its shape; classic and timeless. The interior by iconic British designer Winch Design is sure to showcase only the most bespoke and luxurious furnishing. With an Espen Oeino exterior that pays homage to tradition, her cool and contemporary on board features make her in a league of her own. Take the 180 cubic metre swimming pool; making her a dream charter for any guest to enjoy. With a pedigree Lurssen build like Dilbar, she is a creation and partnership that showcases the best of 2016 in a cultivation of design talent and build perfection. 

Having been joined by Espen Oeino at the Breaking News Centre at Monaco Yacht Show 2016, the design professionals shared their thoughts on space and design when working on such Top 100 projects like Dilbar. 

"There are many challenges first of all when you’re dealing with volumes like we’re dealing with here," explains Espen Oeino, "the goal is to still maintain the sense of intimacy without overwhelming which is the first challenge. It’s really more to do with the space planning and we do that. People often refer to us as exterior designers but in fact we do the space planning too.”

"The goal is to still maintain the sense of intimacy without overwhelming which is the first challenge. It’s really more to do with the space planning and we do that. People often refer to us as exterior designers but in fact we do the space planning too.”
-Espen Oeino