The Miami Yacht Show will return for its glamorous 33th annual inauguration on February 11-15 2021.

Located in Biscayne Bay, downtown Miami, the show now features a special superyacht conjunction -Superyacht Miami - in nearby Island Gardens marina. Bigger and better than ever before, each Miami Yacht Show promises to outshine the last in its fantastic array of the hottest new yachts on the water, set in the glamorous setting of Miami city.

The Miami Yacht Show is one of America's largest yacht shows, attracting visitors and exhibitors from all corners of the globe. Boasting some of the year's most iconic launches, as well as an array of cool new innovations in design, the Miami Yacht Show is the perfect platform to showcase your talent, network with other likeminded industry professionals, or simply soak in the buzzing atmosphere and incredible superyachts on display.

Miami as a superyacht hotspot is increasingly emerging on the global yachting stage. This epicentre for the world's urban elite is outstanding in its plethora of boutiques, hotels, restaurants, nightlight - and now superyachts. With more and more attendees every year, the Miami Yacht Show is not one to be missed by those with a passion for yachting.

Located in Downtown Miami just a short commute from Miami International Airport (MIA), Biscayne Bay is also extremely accessibly by a numnber of routes from nearby Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale.