As the curtain fell on the 23rd edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, the team reflected on another year that saw an array of new launches and exciting industry developments.

On our part, conducted a record 60-plus interviews with key industry figures from the world of superyachts and luxury industry in general, each offering their unique insights live at our official Breaking News Centre studio.

During the final day of the show, we also dropped in on some of the year’s exhibitors to seek their retrospective thoughts on how the event had gone that year and for their overall perspective on the state of the industry.

Mauricio Weiszberger of Palmer Johnson believed one of the main trends in evidence in 2013 was an interest in distinctive yachts offering something different in their design.

“I think there’s been a real take-off again,” he said. “And the big sizes from 50 metres onwards, the clients are still interested, depending on what you’re offering. We’re offering a new line and people are increasingly looking for different things nowadays.”

He continued: “It seems to be again very well organised. We’re on very good terms with the commission that organises the show and we’d definitely like to be present next year and the years to come.”