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'Game Changer': Nobiskrug 80m Artefact Launched

80m Artefact Launched
80m Artefact Launched

The bar has been set for environmentally-conscious yachting, and set high. The launch of Nobiskrug's 80 metre motor yacht Artefact in Rendsburg encapsulates the German builder’s forward-thinking approach to green yachting. This innovative and efficient yacht is the product of over two years of shrewd research and development, followed by three years of construction. Artefact, as Captain Aaron T. Clark puts it, is a “game changer” for the industry.

Speaking at the Top 100 event in January, Managing Director of Nobiskrug Holger Kahl was full of enthusiasm for this latest design. “Artefact is something very special,” said Kahl, “thinking outside of the box design-wise but also technically-wise.” With an exterior design crafted by Gregory C. Marshall, Artefact has been meticulously built to incorporate a number of impressive technological and engineering features that reduce her impact on the environment.

Captain Aaron T. Clark, who represents the owner, spoke to earlier during the construction of Project 790, now launched as Artefact. Clark declared that one of the yacht’s most defining features is its ground-breaking hybrid propulsion system, “the first DC diesel-electric propulsion system for superyachts.” This, Clark says, allows Artefact to have a “20% higher fuel efficiency than a regular diesel-electric vessel.”

The 80 metre superyacht also makes use of solar panels and a large battery storage system which allows her to enter a port with no internal combustion engines running, and large engines are never left running in loitering mode. Further green innovations in the design include a wastewater recycling system for re-use as technical water. The high level of thought put into this engineering is a credit to the emphasis put on responsibility and sustainability by Nobiskrug, which works closely with international projects as well as establishing its own charity event ‘Giving on the Green’.

The boundaries of innovation have also been pushed when it comes to the yacht’s unique design. What especially stands out is the unprecedented glass with which Artefact has been built. The yacht’s 760 square metres of glass is the highest ratio of glass used on any yacht of its size.

With a focus on the more luxurious on-board features, Artefact has been designed for long-term liveability for both guests and crew. A hair salon and home theatre have been installed to cater for the comfort of guests, while the crew will be able to benefit from a full beam main deck crew mess and a crew gym.

As the superyacht moves into the final stage before her summer delivery, undergoing final developments to ensure manoeuvrability and comfort at sea, we eagerly await more updates on the interior designed by Reymond Langton. Artefact will make her debut at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show in September where her full beauty will be revealed.

Artefact is something very special... thinking outside the box design-wise but also technically-wise.
Holger Kahl, MD of Nobiskrug