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Heesen & Winch Celebrate Sale of 80M Project Cosmos

Heesen Announces Sale of 80-Metre Project Cosmos
Heesen Announces Sale of 80-Metre Project Cosmos

As yacht news goes, Heesen Yachts has had a remarkably active year. Just last month we reported on the sale of Project Falcon, the delivery of VanTom and watched as superyacht White (formerly Project Ayla) hit the water. Following an equally successful 2017, the yard has managed to surpass the level of unstoppable with the sale of their biggest project to date, 80-metre Project Cosmos.

In a chain of sky high project sales, Heesen’s new build shed is bursting at the seams. The industry marveled in awe of the environmentally savvy, and unapologetically slick, Home at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2017… and then activity snowballed.

In total, 6 project sales were announced in 2017 and although most of these flirted with their unrivalled capabilities around the 50m mark, it wouldn’t be long until the yard started pushing boundaries.  

Now the second contract sealed by the groundbreaking Dutch shipyard this year, Project Cosmos will be the largest yacht ever to be built by Heesen. A preview of what’s to come? Their radical 65-metre Galactica Star and 70-metre Galactica Super Nova have already set the bar high for Heesen’s bigger builds.

Mark Cavendish, Director of Sales and Marketing at Heesen explained, “We are thrilled to announce the sale of Project Cosmos. Last year we sold two 55m yachts, earlier this year a 60m and now this incredible 80.7m.  As our largest yacht sold to date, Project Cosmos reaffirms the growing trend for bigger boats, which we are able to build in our new, state of the art 85m dry-dock."

"For this reason we decided to join forces with leading designers in the world and ask them to work with us to produce something very special. We are excited to be working with Van Oossanen and Winch Design to create a yacht that pushes the boundaries of design to intergalactic heights!”

But, while it’s easy to get drawn into a shipyard retrospective, let’s take a look at Cosmos. One stand-out feature will be her top speed of 29 knots, which in fact, will form the world’s largest and fastest aluminum yacht, powered by a conventional propeller system. She also tipped to push the boundaries with head-turning yacht design and smart technology and with Winch Design forming the sketch; it’s likely to do so.

Speaking about the project, Andreas Iseli (Head of Yacht Exteriors at Winch Design) disclosed, “The Yachts Team at Winch Design is delighted to be working with Heesen on Project Cosmos. Cosmos is a natural progression following on from Project Avanti (our first collaboration with Heesen) and is particularly exciting for us, as it is the fastest most technologically advanced project we have worked on together."

He continued, "Cosmos is technically challenging and that inspires us as designers. The extensive use of glass, clean lines and sporty silhouette are signatures of both Winch Design and Heesen - together we make a great team! We have created a dynamic exterior profile which we believe will look as good in twenty years as it does at launch." 

In short, the Winch recipe for Cosmos was to retain Heesen’s sporty and timeless characteristics, with an innovative, streamlined spin while extensive use of glass, sculpted shapes and contemporary charm offers a glimpse of what’s to come from the ever-evolving shipyard and design studio.

Among other features, a testament to the designer / shipyard arrangement, is a fully-rated heli-pad that transforms into an outdoor cinema, crystal elevator and glass-bottomed 7-metre pool complete with waterfall. The fully-custom limousine tender has also been designed by Winch Design for an extra dose of sophistication.

With room for 12 guests and 19 crew, for the Oss-based shipyard it’s all hands on deck with Project Falcon and Cosmos both looking to reach the sky.

Cosmos is technically challenging and that inspires us as designers. The extensive use of glass, clean lines and sporty silhouette are signatures of both Winch Design and Heesen - together we make a great team!
Andreas Iseli - Head of Yacht Exteriors, Winch Design