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In the Tank: Baglietto Teases Insight into Hull #10231

First images of the latest project undergoing tank tests in Rome
First images of the latest project undergoing tank tests in Rome

Commissioned by an American owner with a view of building a brand-new 54-metre superyacht, the latest Baglietto project (Hull #10231) is moving closer to construction. Thanks to the latest tank tests, we get a closer look at the project set to follow Lucky Me and Andiamo.

In Rome, towing tests and self-propulsion analysis were carried out this week to ensure the best hydrodynamic hull performance on the water.

Riccardo Quasso, Baglietto’s Head of Technical Department said “We strongly believe in this brand new project and want to be sure to gain the best performances in all sea and weather conditions. We want to reduce all possible flaws by collecting as more precise data as possible. The tank tasting will give us all the elements to provide a perfect hull, highly performant and with great maneuverability characteristics”.

The secretive displacement hull #10231 is based on a new naval platform expressly tailored for this project. The all-aluminum yacht will have a 10.40m beam and 2.60m draft with a transatlantic range of 4,500 miles at 12 knots (cruising) all the while staying in the highest class of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.

I am very proud of this new build," explained Mr Michele Gavino, CEO Baglietto when announcing her sale. "it rewards the hard work the shipyard has been doing during the last year. We have made a great effort in research and development of a new product range and this special yacht, based on a brand new platform both in terms of engineering and styling, confirms we are following the right directions”.

While little is known about the new project, Hull #10231 follows the recent delivery of Andiamo and the MV19, Ridoc and is being built along three other projects; including a displacement 55-metre T-Line, a 43-metre FAST and a 48-metre T-Line yacht.