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Interior Insight: On Cloud 9

Interior Insight: On Cloud 9
Interior Insight: On Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a boat highly deserving of its moniker - the 74m is a haven of cloudlike serenity. As we wind down a hectic week, we peer inside the soothing interior of CRN’s second largest yacht.

A bulletproof assurance of quality, Cloud 9’s interiors are the work of Winch Design. The London-based designer’s balanced and uplifting style was an obvious choice for a yacht befitting of the name ‘Cloud 9’.

The onboard ambience is curated for relaxation, consisting of beautiful furnishings, sumptuous fabrics and timeless styling. Spaces lean on a contemporary beach theme, eschewing the ceremony of some yachts and instead opting for clean colours and subdued textures.

1000 square metres of interior space exhibit a ripple effect of sandy tones and majestic blues. The marriage of warm and oceanic shades comprise a classic set up, confirmed in the niches and recesses of the yacht where decorative knick-knacks such as shells, coral and agates dwell.

Contributing to the tranquility of the space is the array of 50 surface shades, which create a distressed effect to recall beach house architecture. A charming, weather-worn aspect is achieved with brushed Douglas fir and limed oak - mellow woods that depart from the ostentatious and usher in the rustic. Animating this homespun ambiance, bold threads of blue crop up in details such as cushions, lampshades, throws and the bespoke curiosities that line the shelves.

Cloud 9’s main saloon achieves unsurpassed levels of comfort - Winch has curated a space that is open, airy and heavily reliant on the cerulean theme to emulate the sunny outdoors. Breathtaking features such as a cloud mural, 3D porcelain panel ‘cloud’ by British artist Fenella Elms and two Vortex sculptures by Tim Royall designate the space as one which moves determinedly away from the heavy fabrics, rich colours and sweeping accouterments of classic luxury yachts.