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Keel Laid on Abeking & Rasmussen’s 118m Superyacht

Keel Laid on Hull No. 6507
Keel Laid on Hull No. 6507

This Monday 26th August marked a momentous occasion in Abeking & Rasmussen's history, as it saw the keel-laying of the German shipyard’s largest project to date. Once completed, Hull No. 6507 will measure an impressive 118m, which would safely secure its place in next year’s forecasted Top 100 world’s largest yachts.

The keel-laying festivities took place this Monday at a ceremony held by the yard in Pella Sietas, Hamburg. Abeking & Rasmussen’s largest build to date is the 98.4m Aviva, who currently holds the rank of 56th largest yacht in the Top 100. Hull No. 6507 will top this by a drastic 20 metres in length; an admirable feat for a shipyard which already holds an impressive reputation in the field of big build. has reported on numerous recent occasions on the notable trend in the field of yacht building to reach larger and larger feats of length and size, and this news comes as just yet more proof of an industry reaching bigger.

The Top 100 is already littered with successful projects from German giants in shipbuilding, as in recent months we saw the launch of the 140m Project Lightning and the 136m Flying Fox from Lurssen. Hull No. 6507 is not only notable for the shipyard personally, but marks its entrance as a serious contender in the field of 100m+ superyacht projects.

Nonetheless, the remarkable length of this build is not its only notable feature. Berlin-based company Photon in conjunction with the shipyard has developed an innovative process of laser welding which secures a smoother surface and means that the need for reworking will be reduced to a minimum. This new technology will guarantee the best results in owners’ demands for shell plating.

Hull No. 6507 will feature distinctive and sophisticated design by Joseph Dirand Architecture, catering for plentiful tenders, toys and a submarine. The yacht will also boast a Neptune Lounge and large swimming pool among its fantastic on-board amenities. The shipyard has also reported that the owner is being represented by Cornelsen & Partner on this momentous project.

We, together with all parties, are proud to have the opportunity to build this fantastic superyacht.
Abeking & Rasmussen