Kingship’s Green Voyager - a fresh approach to eco-friendly design


Managing Director Roger Liang explains why Green Voyager leads the way for environmentally friendly yacht design.

“Every aspect has to be environmentally friendly, from the design to the use of material to the function of the boat,” says Roger Liang. Kingship intends Green Voyager to achieve the highest Platinum level of Green Star Plus – a new environmental regulation by RINA.

Energy efficiency is visible in Green Voyager’s exterior styling. Her advanced hull features a plumb bow – a striking design, which also aids the vessel’s efficiency as the waterline is only 50cm shorter than the length overall. This creates a streamlined and efficient hull design.

The luxury motor yacht will be available with three different generating packages: Conventional, Semi-hybrid and Hybrid.

“Moving any boat requires a lot of power. What we’re really looking into is not on the propulsion side, but in the generating of electricity,” explains Roger Liang. “For every generator the average [energy] you need is 40 percent and your waste is 60 percent. Our point is to capture the 60 percent into batteries and at night, use that.”

The full Hybrid takes this idea even further, with the use of a shaft generator/electric motors fitted within a gearbox to recover energy whilst sailing.

Green Voyager’s light and contemporary interior is also designed with energy efficiency in mind.

“The biggest consumption of electricity on a boat is the air conditioning system. Our idea is that you should be able to turn off the air con by opening the windows. In the main saloon, upper saloon and dining area, you’re able to open the windows and let the breeze in,” says Roger Liang.

Green Voyager’s full-length windows will also benefit from thermal efficient glazing to keep heat out.

With a projected range of 3,500 at 11 knots, Green Voyager will have worldwide capability. Furthermore, Green Star Plus compliance would allow the vessel to enter rare and exotic cruising grounds around the world.

...environmentally friendly, from the design to the use of material to the function of the boat.
Roger Liang, Kingship