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Maltese Falcon "deep flight" submarine

Maltese Falcon "deep flight" submarine
Maltese Falcon "deep flight" submarine

The DeepFlight Super Falcon is a new concept designed to "fly" under water, similar to the way a jet airplane flies in the air. The sub does not have ballast tanks, but dives because of its forward speed-like a penguin does when it hunts.

The new two person "deep flight" submarine was manufactured by Hawkes Ocean Technologies for the Maltese Falcon's owner Tom Perkins.

The sub will have an operating depth of 400 feet, a speed of 5 knots and an underwater time of roughly 4 hours on a single battery charge. Like the airplane it will do rolls, loops and can "porpoise" when it surfaces (the speed in a power ascent can exceed 10 knots).

Class: High performance Winged Submersible
Numerical Design Designation: DF 302

Wings deployed: 3.0m
Wings folded: 1.4m
1.6m height, 6.7m length

Cruise Speed: 2-6 knots
Maximum Thrust: 508lbs, 231kg
Max Descent Rate: 200 ft/min
Max Ascent Rate: 400 ft/min
Operating Depth: 1,000 fsw
Crew: 2

Launch Weight: 1,818kg
Payload: 230 Kg (2 persons)

It will be the first of its kind. We plan to use it extensively in the Pacific.
Tom Perkins