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MYS 2018: A Shifting Landscape with OneOcean Port Vell

MYS 2018: A Shifting Landscape with OneOcean Port Vell

We are joined by the General Manager of OneOcean Port Vell, Ignacio Erroz, who shares the secrets of how he revolutionised the Barcelona marina to make it into a charter hotspot.

In the space of a mere year, Ignacio Erroz rose to the post of General Manager of the irresistible marina spot OneOcean Port Vell, bringing with him a strong vision for the future.

“The superyacht industry in Barcelona is a young industry, but we have completed bigger steps in the last ten years and now have a very big fleet of yachts not only in OneOcean Port Vell but in the surrounding city,”  Erroz comments.

The marina's facilities include a Michelin star restaurant, gym, spa and conference room; a range equipped to satisfy the needs of crew and luxe-hungry travellers alike. Indeed, it is the community of both yacht owners and crew that make up the dynamic scene of OneOcean Port Vell. "Barcelona is very a special city, and both the owners and the crew love to be there," Ignacio tells us, "The marina is an amazing facility, everyone will feel comfortable when they spend their time there.”

OneOcean Port Vell is a year round attraction, serving as a summer hub but also popular as winter home port. “A lot of superyachts move to Barcelona for the winter,” Ignacio explains, “We look after them and make their experience very comfortable.” The port is in many ways the first of its kind in the region, and has been instrumental in changing the yachting landscape for Barcelona.

The influence of OneOcean Port Vell arguably extends beyond Barcelona to the whole Mediterranean region. It is a distinguishing feature of the area that Ignacio and his team work hard to sustain, and will undoubtedly encourage a legacy of yachting.

A lot of superyachts move to Barcelona as a home port for the winter; we focus a lot on the captains and the crew, we look after them and make their experience for Barcelona during the winter very comfortable.
Ignacio Erroz, General Manager of One Ocean Port Vell