MYS 2018: Bringing Bespoke With Amels

MYS 2018: Bringing Bespoke With Amels

We were delighted to welcome Victor Caminida to our Breaking News Centre this afternoon, straight off the back of an array of celebrations for Amels' 100th anniversary. We spoke to the CEO of the leading shipyard about what it has taken to survive and thrive in this ever-changing industry for an entire century.

Our media anchors were sure to congratulate Victor Caminada, Marketing Director for Amels, on the incredible feat of completing 100 years in the shipbuilding industry. Caminada relayed that the team at Amels were exceptionally proud of such a special landmark and assured us that despite her age, the company is very healthy and constantly growing and getting stronger.

We asked Caminada what was required to keep a shipyard running so successfully for so many years and he replied: "As times change you need to adapt as a company and a brand. We had a large innovation in 2005 which saw the introduction of the Amels Limited Edition concept. This has proven to be an enormous success with our clients, and we now have six limited edition models which can be modified and customised to the owner's discrepancy."

Amels are also renowned for their exceptional turnaround time from conception to completed build, with Amels' next yacht deliveries scheduled for 2020, which is reasonably quick.

When we asked for further information on current builds and projects, Caminada divulged: "Our current projects are one of our Limited Edition models and working on the range as a whole, as well as an incredible 78m custom yacht with Espen Oeino, of which the hull is expected to arrive at the yard by the end of this year."

Caminada then described what he felt to be some of the factors that affected Amels' design and direction: "Owners now want to have their yachts delivered faster without compromising on quality. We can also see the younger generation beginning to buy and of course, these owners have very different needs and requirements than the older generations." 

Amels have identified these growing trends in their client base and have created a new model to cater to this. The SeaXplorer 75 will be showcased at MYS this week and is a 75-metre motoryacht which will come with two helicopters. The yacht will also have an incredible autonomy of 40 days. To conclude, Caminada identified the trends that are taking over the entire industry and should be noted by all:

"Owners want more toys, more entertainment, more autonomy and also more capability in all capacities."

Owners want more toys, more entertainment, more autonomy and also more capability in all capacities.
Victor Caminada