MYS 2018: Christophe Harbour on Accommodating All

MYS 2018: Christophe Harbour on Accommodating All

We sat down with Buddy Darby, Founder and Developer of Christophe Harbour, to discuss the thriving superyacht marina's capacity, unrivalled facilities and stand out Caribbean location.

Three years ago, Buddy fell in love with the site of Christophe Harbour both for its beauty and its naturally placed location. His expertise in the boating field proved to him value; Christophe Harbour would be the ideal place to dock boats: “It is almost the perfect hurricane hold harbour. It is completely protected,” he tells us. With St. Kitts having been one of the locations effected with two hurricanes last year, generating significant wave action to the north and south,  the waters of Christophe Harbour barely experienced a ripple.

Unable to pass up the perfection of the site’s raw ingredients, Buddy started building 24 slips ranging from 150-220 ft. Today, the harbour is an area transformed. With a 127-room hotel, beach club with pool, outdoor eating facilities and an ocean side bar, Christophe Harbour is as much about the lifestyle as the berthing. The Harbour is also a residential space, with over 150 plots of land sold or for sale, with other facilities including customs and immigration, a crew lounge and fitness, and there is more to come. “Golf is the last thing that we’ll be working on in terms of amenities, and we are looking to do another hotel at the marina and then continue to build out the marina village,” says Buddy.

During the initial planning of the 24 slips, Buddy did not intend on accommodating the very biggest boats, instead sticking to the mid-range of 150-220 ft measurement. However, with modern boats getting larger and larger Christophe Harbour evolved with its guests, introducing six new slips - four of 350 ft, one of 370 ft and one of 400 ft. “We’ll have all the other features we have on the other dock,” Buddy explains, “Fuelling, fibre optics, you’ll be able to drive and provision, the necessary changing of supplies…” The port will provide everything that an upper size range superyacht could require.

The best part of Christophe Harbour? Berthing here gives you the opportunity to explore the tropical beauty of St. Kitts. Whether you are planning a relaxed stay or an action packed adventure, the island has something in store: “People like to hike, it’s got a real downtown, a lot of the sugar plantations people like to visit. There is a lot to do, or you can just chill,” according to Buddy.

It is almost the perfect hurricane hold harbour. It is completely protected.
Buddy Darby, Founder and Developer of Christophe Harbour