MYS 2018: Perfect Partnerships with Omega Architects

MYS 2018: Perfect Partnerships with Omega Architects

Frank Laupman of Omega Architects has lead several visionary superyacht design projects. This week at the Monaco Yacht Show, we welcome him to our Breaking News Centre to discuss what his plans are for the future.

Industry titans Omega Architects have been part of some big name partnerships this year, including an important collaboration with Benetti Yachts. "We did a complete range of blast motoryacht designs for Benetti who are an old friend in the superyacht industry," Frank tells us, "They are trying to find out what a fast yacht of 20 knots plus would be for them." 

Omega Architects generally work with more brokers than clients and, as ever, have exciting plans in the works. They are currently developing a 45m Hakvoort and have recently intensified relationships with Turkish clients, participating in a 45m build for an Istanbul based customer. Also under construction is a 62m 5 deck yacht for CRN, and a 60m 5 deck for Heesen.

Omega, who take a highly active role in their build projects, continue to prove that the yachting experience goes beyond aesthetics. Laupman has been working on the Ultimate Bridge Experience, a concept that he explains to us: "The Ultimate Bridge Experience is a thought of one of our electrical installer friends that I gave my own interpretation to. My thought was that, in the bridge, rather than having your weight point in front of you, as a captain you would bring it up on a big iPad behind you." 

Frank explains that this system could be used on commuter and commercial vessels, as in the case of a 100m Portliner. "Sometimes you cannot see in front of you," Frank tells us, "and it would be good to have this on a screen." The Ultimate Bridge Experience can also serve as a 'team building' space in a wheelhouse setting to gather with crew and talk about the week's agenda.

It is evident from talking to him that Frank values each Omega project highly and individually, with pride taking a central role in their projects within the industry. We can't wait to see what's to come.

The Ultimate Bridge Experience is a thought of one of our electrical installer friends that I gave my own interpretation to...
Frank Laupman, Omega Architects CEO