MYS 2018: The Language of Sail with Oyster Yachts

MYS 2018: The Language of Sail with Oyster Yachts

With 45 years of experience, perfecting a fleet of over 1000 yachts, the Breaking News Centre are thrilled to welcome Oyster Yachts into the chair. An iconic brand in British Yachting, we caught up with Owner, Richard Hadida and Board Director, Eddie Jordan to talk all things sail.

"Oyster is the foremost known as the Bentley of the seas," begins Richard Hadida, speaking of the the brand he recently took ownership. Speaking live from our studio, he illiterated a powerful message of the future, "My intention is to just carry that reputation onwards... increase the quality, make sure the safety is kept there and keep the brand flying high. Also, we going into other markets, rather than just focusing on Europe we are fcussing heavily on the US and into Asia."

Looking to break a global market with their luxurious sailing vessels, Mr Hadida has invested personally in the brand to give owners - an potential future owners - safety and security in the yard. He has also enlisted the help of his friend Eddie Jordan (now a member of the company board) who also joined us at the MYS to tell tales of his phonomenal time spent at sea on board his very own Oyster. 

Eddie comments, "Oyster offered me a boat that  I felt really safe in - the 885 - in time it will be an all time classic in sailing." A classic build, the 885 took Eddie around the world on a circumnavigation and is what Eddie believes created his love for sail. Recomending the experience to anyone lucky enough to take to the oceans, Eddie's anecdotes of time at sea  were also a plea to the enviroment. 

Richard closed with a comment about the closeness of the yard to his own heart; "...It happens to be British and I happen to be British and that's probably why I'm passionate about the brand." And so it seems, the future is bright for Oyster. 

Oyster offered me a boat that I felt really safe in, it also offered me a boat - the 885 - in time it will be an all time classic in sailing...
Eddie Jordan