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MYS 2018: Word from the Director

MYS 2018: Word from the Director

The sun is shining here in Port Hercules and as the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) is well underway, we meet with managing director, Gaëlle Tallarida, to get the low down on the most talked about show of the year…

Since the premiere of the Monaco Yacht Show almost three decades ago, the world leader event in superyachting continues to present the pinnacle of luxury. But why is the yacht show still so successful year after year.

Gaëlle begins by speaking about the unrivalled location; "Monaco Yacht Show is in a fantastic country, very safe, the principality of Monaco is a tiny city but it has a lot to offer, a fantastic place for organising a nice event at night and also there's an opportunity to have parties on board yachts [...] it's really an international capital for yachting here in Monaco."

In fact, this is the 28th edition of MYS. Gaëlle suggests that this could be the best year yet, with the most respected superyacht shipyards, designers, brokerage houses, luxury manufacturers and top-of-the-range service suppliers gathering in a new way to exhibit across four busy days. This year, it's much improved and Gaëlle tells us why...

"We have improved the yacht show by gathering together in each dock the activities, for example you will find nearby the yachts more displays for brokers, shipyards and designers and clustering activities such as the creation of yachts, all the luxury products in the Parvis Piscene tent and another tent for the technical fitters of yachts."

Closing with a discussion of the future of yachting and the yacht show, Gaëlle speaks volumes on the recent suggestion that the industry is bringing in a younger generation with its evolution... "We always have in mind the needs of the young demogrpahic coming to the yacht show. This is why we have included a full deck for tenders and toys as the young owners want to enjoy these with their friends!"

For the full interview, watch the video above.

We always have in mind the needs of the young demogrpahic coming to the yacht show.
Gaëlle Tallarida