MYS: Burger Boat's Emerging Explorer

MYS: Burger Boat's Emerging Explorer

With all eyes on the development of their 31-metre new-build project, their first venture into the Explorer through Project Northland, the Burger Boat Company have a wealth of production to present, and the bigger and brighter plans for Burger Boat over the coming year.

With Ron Cleveringa sitting in the Breaking News Centre chair, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing began by updating us on the development that brings home the Explorer Trend we’ve been following for so long.

Speaking in depth about the project he began, “She’s a very exciting project for us, we’ll be launching her in a few weeks for sea trail and delivery for her owner in Fall.

A lot of things are super exciting about this particular project; Exterior Designer, Luis De Basto designed this project especially for that particular client, it’s burgers first steel and aluminum yacht that we have built in many many years, it's got very contemporary interior, she’s an expedition style yacht. She also has a full fishing cockpit.”

Producing the first yacht of this style, the yard has experienced first hand the Explorer Culture we’ve watched emerge across the industry. Ron discusses his belief that there will always be a market for rugged, sea worthy explorers with a long range. He further listed some far-flung destinations, including The North-East Passage; another strong message of this year’s show.

On the future for Burger, Ron closed, “We will always be a custom shipyard offering whatever the client wants… We will be introducing, in the coming months an entry level product, something that will expand the market place for Burger!”

With Project Northland's launch just around the corner, we look forward to seeing her hit the water.