MYS: Forward Thinking Focus with Baglietto

MYS: Forward Thinking Focus with Baglietto

Baglietto is one of the Italian shipyards bringing some of the most prestige projects to the water, joins the Monaco Yacht Show 2017 to share the standout projects approaching their debut as they lead the way internationally with a stand out presence across the industry.

On the third day of the Monaco Yacht Show we caught up with CEO Michele Galvino, who updated us on Italian building, and the project focus on the horizon for the yard. In opening, Michele revealed the ethos behind the shipyard's success and what exactly he believes sets Baglietto apart.

"What we always do is keep our eyes very open on design, interior, exterior and technology, as we believe we have to deliver something that is a milestone in the industry." He continued, "It’s important to give our owners a quality project and something that is reliable."

One yacht in particular hoping to take-on these values throughout its production is the 55m project, signed by the yard just a few short months ago. On the progression so far, Michele began, "It was something brand new for us. It's a brand new project, brand new hull, brand new boat, top secret... but it will be something very nice and I'm quite proud because we did very nice work since July, since singing the contract, and I think we will deliver a beautiful thing in 2020."

But it's not just the 50+ range the yard has been developing. Proving that 2017 has certainly shown a shift in direction for Baglietto, Michele continued, "we've extended our range and filled some empty holes, what we presented just yesterday in our press conference is that we now have a full range of beautiful things!"

While we look forward to seeing that latest from this famed Italian shipyard come into fruition, the full interview, with details of their winning formula, is available above.

It’s important to give our owners a quality project and something that is reliable.
Michele Galvino - CEO, Baglietto