MYS: Galaxy of Happiness & the Rise of the Multi-hull

MYS: Galaxy of Happiness & the Rise of the Multi-hull

When Galaxy of Happiness broke onto the scenes in 2016, the world immediately turned its focus to Latitude Yachts; a Latvian shipyard with a futuristic and exciting new take on spending time on the water. We spoke to Maxim Lyashenko, Business Development Manager at Latitude Yachts to discuss the rise of the multi-hull.

The 53.32-metre trimaran Galaxy of Happiness is science-fiction turned superyacht, offering 40% less fuel consumption and a world of benefits across a high-tech, gliding demeanour.

“It was something different from the yachts that are represented here,” explains Maxim Lyashenko, “A new concept, new design so people were surprised.” This surprise wasn’t based on pure visionary want for change, but a founded desire for something different. With the world of monohulls changing in both style and substance, the stage was set for the arrival of the modern multi-hull.

“According to our market research, there is a strong demand for multi-hulls and catamarans, so it’s rising,” adds Lyashenko. “It’s difficult to say about the Trimaran as it’s just appeared and it’s something new to the market and the clients. The main benefits is that it’s smooth on rough sea, and at high-speed and of course less fuel consumption if you compare to the monohull.”

Even with the creation of our generation’s most celebrated multihull, Latitude Yachts is not only adding more fuel to the fire with new developments, but looking closely into the production of monohulls. For more information on Latitude Yachts and the myriad benefits of multihulls, watch the full video above.