MYS16: Espen Oeino on Tackling Game Changing Briefs

MYS16: Espen Oeino on Tackling Game Changing Briefs

After the launch of Dilbar, with its 41,000 square feet of living space, there is no such thing as a ‘normal white yacht’ anymore. The largest in terms of volume, Dilbar is just one project in a long line of extremely distinctive superyachts designed by Espen Oeino. We talked to the designer about his latest ventures and the briefs and trends on his current creative map.

“There are many challenges first of all when you’re dealing with volumes like we’re dealing with here," explains Espen Oeino, "is to still maintain the sense of intimacy without overwhelming which is the first challenging. It’s really more to do with the space planning and we do that. People often refer to us as exterior designers but in fact we do the space planning too.”

“To compare Dilbar with SilverFast and DragonFly is difficult. They’re all fast but Dilbar can do that because of her size, whereas the others are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. They’re lightweight and we’re chasing weight wherever we can, making them go fast without burning too much fuel. However, on board both vessels I do like to think you feel comfortable and natural. ”

“I’ve noticed interior spaces moving out onto deck which reflects the true use of yachts. You spend 80% of your time awake on a yacht outside. Another trend we can spot is that there are more and more explorer yachts on the market with an array of tenders and toys. Cloud Break is an example of one of these, where the client was into extreme sports such as snow-skiing. It’s maiden voyage was Iceland and Greenland; it’s fantastic and she’s available for charter so other people can start to experience the same.”

“Cloud Break was and is a yacht with a mission. The mission being wave-surfing.”
Espen Oeino