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MYS16: Oceanco Shine A Light on New Projects

MYS16: Oceanco Shine A Light on New Projects

After introducing the 105 metre Y712 to the water and with a global focus on their latest designs, Oceanco is taking to the Monaco Yacht Show with a lot to speak about. We catch up with Paris Baloumis to break-down exactly what makes the latest Oceanco projects different.

These evolutionary steps are arriving at a very exciting time for Oceanco, reflecting the dawn of a progressive era.

“Y712 is quite ground-breaking on various fronts," explains Paris Baloumis, Marketing Director of Oceanco. "On one hand she is the largest sailing yacht ever built, on perhaps a more personal level, we’ve been working with a very much involved owner to enable and realise his vision; a vision which was perhaps unthinkable a few years ago.”

“She is still in build so therefore, so she’s still classified, but I do admit she’s hard to miss, a 105 metre sailing yacht. What we can say is that the owner has really pushed thinking, and we can see that from her spectacular bow shape, her spectacular sailing system, and if you give us a few more months, the owner will reveal of her interior and exterior design features when she’s delivered.”

With a Dyna Rig sailing yacht previously dubbed Solar - one of, if not the, largest sailing yacht in the world - and a new concept which uses state of the art camouflage lighting systems to merge with its surroundings, next-gen designs are becoming synonymous with the brand.

“Moonstone is a ground-breaking design because it’s all about the illuminated panels, it’s an innovation which has been patented […] you can virtually project any image on the hull.”

For more information about the Y712 or the ground-breaking projects Moonstone and Phi, watch the above video in full.