Nobiskrug Present 22nd Century Yachting in New York

Nobiskrug Present 22nd Century Yachting in New York

Taking place at the Baccarat Hotel in the heart of New York city, Nobiskrug gathered guests from around the world for an exclusive dinner and an even more exclusive insight into the art of custom yacht building.

Hosted by Nobiskrug, in association with, this was a rare night of classic glamour designed to introduce influential people from all forms of global industry to a new level of luxury.

Nobiskrug - the superyacht builder who grabbed global headlines last year with the unveiling of Sailing Yacht A - presented the yard’s mission to build custom yachts for the 22nd Century as the group enjoyed Armand de Brignac champagne and Chateau d’Esclans wine before dinner.

We sat down with Managing Directors Holger Kahl and Susanne Weigand to gain an insight into the new generation of custom yachts in question and celebrate the builder’s 111th birthday.

We are celebrating our 111th birthday this year [...] which means a really profound knowledge of building seagoing vessels,” explains Holger Kahl. “This, only you can do if you have a certain background and a certain history. We’re really proud of that, so this century is looking forward but it’s also looking back.

We build vessels one of a kind. We are not a mass builder, we are not as big as the others but we are proud to be not as big,” adds Susanne Weigand. “This mission of yachts for the 22nd Century is distinguished by design, by quality and by technology.

As Susanne said, we are not a mass builder,” adds Kahl. “We want to have these individual discussions on a boat, design a really customer tailored yacht and define the personal taste on the yacht. This is something which is our specifics and which we love to do, but clients are becoming more and more demanding for sure because a lot of aspects from on shore architecture are going into the yachts as well. Which makes it really sophisticated to translate into a boat.”

During the interview, Holger Kahl explained more about Sailing Yacht A, one of the world's largest sailing yachts: “It’s a fantastic project, it’s amazing. We had sailing yacht A last year in autumn in the water, and we were technically testing the vessel and it was functioning perfect. She is now in her final outfitting phase and we are all looking forward to when she leaves the dock again, let me guess, around next year. We’ll see her again and it’ll be a fantastic mystery.

Guests enjoyed dinner together and discussed the latest, greatest and upcoming projects in the superyacht builders portfolio. For more information on an insight into the demands of American custom yacht building and the above projects, watch the full video above.

This mission of yachts for the 22nd Century is distinguished by design, by quality and by technology.
Susanne Weigand, MD of Nobiskrug