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Nobiskrug's Latest Hybrid: 56m Vripack Concept

Vripack 56m concept

It was only the start of this week that we at had the pleasure of reporting on the launch of Nobiskrug’s 80m Artefact, a game changer for responsible yachting. The German Shipyard, with efficiency at the heart of their philosophy, have now teamed up with Dutch studio Vripack to unveil an unconventional and striking 56 metre hybrid design.

Much of both the design and engineering involved in this concept reflect what has been accomplished on the 80 metre Artefact, notably the use of glass and the innovative propulsion system, yet what has been produced is a truly unique yacht in itself.

This concept presents a new segment for Nobiskrug,” said Vesna Blotz, Marketing Manager at Nobiskrug. “In combining our strengths with Vripack, this environmentally-friendly, hybrid yacht with its modern design leaves no client wanting and is an excellent step-in model for owners who love the Nobiskrug brand but aren’t ready for a 140m vessel.”

As Blotz alludes, the concept was designed with a specific profile of owner in mind. It’s progressive and contemporary styling is to appeal to young Middle Eastern or Asian owners, as the free-flowing layout of the yacht resembles high-end architecture of Dubai or Hong Kong.

A trend may well be appearing in the innovative application of glass in Nobiskrug’s latest projects. Just like Artefact, which heralded an unprecedented 60 tonnes of glass, this 56m concept has a very much glass-oriented open design.

It’s a project that takes glass to the next level, optimising all that the material has to offer,” says Vripack designer Joost Mertens. Mertens explains that by eliminating the use of metal and designing the side walls of the superstructure exclusively from glass, the design “is not constrained by any traditional design rules.

The bright and spacious design is evident throughout the yacht, particularly in the large glass doors through which natural light will flow, and the mesh canopy overhead to greet guests as they step on board.

The 56m design also follows Artefact in having an innovative propulsion system to increase the vessel’s efficiency. In fact, the system has been designed specifically for this Vripack concept. Marnix Hoekstra, creative director at Vripack, said that traditionally a yacht like this would carry big electric motors but his team “insisted that the dimensions worked for the owner first, and so the engines became ‘pancake-like’.”

A unique yacht of this quality can only be expected from the collaboration of two industry tycoons such as Nobiskrug and Vripack. While outside the box design is synonymous with Nobiskrug’s fleet, it is also pleasing to see such a commitment to environmentally-friendly technology in their recent superyachts.

It is a project that takes glass to the next level, optimising all that the material has to offer
Joost Mertens, Vripack Designer