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Q&A with H.Krueger & Associates on 50 years of Design

Q&A with H.Krueger & Associates on 50 years of Design
Q&A with H.Krueger & Associates on 50 years of Design

Marking their 50th anniversary, the U.S design firm H.Krueger & Associates boasts a legacy of creativity spanning 5 decades of design. Celebrating this milestone moment, we interviewed Andrew Krueger, President of H.Krueger & Associates, to find out just how they plan to accommodate a future client base of modern superyacht owners.

H. Krueger & Associates boasts an impressive portfolio of everything from corporate offices and residential homes, to restaurants and retail spaces. Thus, it is no surprise that yacht design looks to be one of their up-and-coming design divisions. Fifty years on we want to know where it all began...

“The company was started in 1969 by my father, Harry Krueger” shares Andrew Krueger, the intergenerational spark and driving force behind H.Krueger & Associates. The firm, having always strived to do timeless, high-end design, today manifests an uncompromising philosophy that distinguishes the design powerhouse from their industry counterparts. “We do not follow trends” states Andrew. “We create one of a kind interiors that are specific to each client’s needs, and tastes,” a notion that follows in principle from residential respites to chic superyacht beach-clubs.

Andrew continues; “It was always my father’s dream to get into yacht interiors, and it is a natural step for us. My father always said ‘A design problem is a design problem,’ meaning all spaces have some of the same issues in common, and if you can perfectly  design a space, the lessons cross over into other designs too.”

As the designers move into their newest phase of the company, they welcome superyacht projects, by blending functionality and aesthetic in a ‘solution’ driven sector. “Space, even in the largest of yachts is at a premium” Andrew remarks. “Therefore, furnishings often have to be designed to accommodate multiple uses, tight spaces, and varying weather conditions that general home design might never see.”

Armed to take on bespoke superyacht projects, we were eager to know the role tradition would play in today’s contemporary design landscape. “At H. Krueger & Associates, we have always tried to think outside the box. We don’t like to be restricted to ‘typical” designs’” explains Andrew. ”Getting people to accept unique approaches to design is often difficult, but the superyacht client is generally someone who is more worldly and open to new things, particularly if the results are outstanding.”

With innovative, cutting-edge technology, satisfying the demand for an experiential stay onboard, the design world must therefore follow suit. “Smart technology is revolutionizing all interiors, and superyachts are no different” says Andrew, who professes lighting and audio technology are more critical now than ever before in design, and promises a more relaxing, efficient, and secure onboard experience.

With everything from aesthetics to acoustics considered, it is clear H.Krueger & Associates are armed with a wealth of expertise and a burgeoning client base. As they take their first step into the world of superyacht interiors, we are sure these industry contenders will triumph with another 50 years of design.

It was always my father’s dream to get into yacht interiors, and it is a natural step for us.
Andrew Krueger, President of H.Krueger & Associates