Refit of Benetti Giant 65m Rahil by KRM

Refit of Benetti Giant 65m Rahil by KRM
Refit of Benetti Giant 65m Rahil by KRM

Turkish shipyard KRM has successfully completed the refit of the 65-metre Benetti yacht Rahil, formerly Nataly. The refit included important work which had previously been abandoned by other shipyards, warranting KRM to declare this as “one of the most important projects we have ever delivered”.

Originally built by Italian shipyard Benetti in 2011 from their Livorno facility, Rahil was entrusted to KRM for her renovation. The project was carried out over six months, with work beginning in January of this year. For KRM, the refit of Rahil marks a giant step that demonstrates a capability to take on larger and more challenging projects. In a statement, KRM said that Rahil “was the biggest yacht we had ever accepted, and there was a long work list with many jobs that couldn’t be done over the last 3 years by other shipyards.”

Among the list of jobs completed was a teak deck change around the yacht, as well as an upgrade of all inside sliding doors to install new sensor mechanisms. Maintenance was carried out on all of her systems, for which KRM worked closely with companies from Italy, Holland and Norway for each system.

Considering the difficulty that the refit of Rahil has faced in previous years, KRM has been able to complete “all the work list with so many extra jobs 21 days before the contracted delivery date,” which has left a very happy client.

Despite what KRM has described as a “challenging project due to length, works and time frame,” delivering a high-profile 65 metre superyacht in such fashion will turn attention towards the Turkish yard for larger projects. While this is a milestone project for KRM, the Italian builders of Rahil are also pushing into a new remit. Benetti have moved into the giga realm in groundbreaking fashion by launching three 100+ yachts all in the space of 100 days. FB 275 will be delivered to her owner this Friday.

One of the most important projects we have ever delivered since we established in 2010
KRM statement