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Skyfall Sale Signals American Market Success

Skyfall Superyacht Sold
Skyfall Superyacht Sold

Starting life in 2010, Trinity superyacht Skyfall has spent life well. A quintessential American build, she’s commonly captured traversing the Bahamas shallows and was created by a handful of the most experienced figures in the industry; owner included. With central agents TWW announcing her sale in cooperation with HMY, and IYC bringing the buyer, Skyfall is set to continue providing a certified solace at sea…

Following the announcement, we caught up with IYC’s Sales Consultant and US Partner, Frank Grzeszczak on the American market, and it’s influence on the sale of the 57-metre.

"Considering that the U.S. stock market has been enjoying an upswing for the past eight years with tremendous growth in 2017, I am not surprised that mega yachts of SKYFALL’s caliber are being sought out in the brokerage market,” he began. Coordinating the sale alongside colleague Barbara Stork Landeweer, the pair boast many years’ experience working in the brokerage industry. Combined with the marketing expertise of Peter Thompson and the TWW team, the sale represents a driving force of brokerage houses currently thriving on what the superyacht world is labeling an American market boom.  

Yet the U.S marketplace hasn’t always been strong. The sale of Skyfall – a turn-key condition yacht that has spent a considerable amount of time waiting for a buyer – marks a recent increase in expenditure.

Frank continued, “After the financial crisis, shipbuilders found themselves in trouble as new orders came to a screeching halt but they weren’t the only ones affected. Yacht owners who experienced a substantial loss during the market collapse experienced a hard time finding a buyer. It was a buyers’ market. In many cases if owners were unwilling to sell at a very low price they simply held onto the yachts.”

However, following a recent refit in 2015, Skyfall's magnificent outdoor spaces, Caribbean-friendly draft and interiors by Patrick Knowles surely echo the requests of anyone seeking time at sea.

Sold in immaculate condition, her sale is, in essence, a case study for the market. Frank describes, “Now, almost a decade later, investors are feeling more at ease. They have amassed considerable fortunes in the market and in some cases do not want to wait the long build time with a new custom yacht. They are seeking out the best brokerage yachts in the world and finding that due to the decline in building during last ten years they have limited options available.”

A yacht such as Skyfall then becomes the solution: pristine condition, a fast delivery time and the chance to take home everything on the checklist in a tried and tested package.

Jack Robertson represented the seller from HMY’s Palm Beach Office and having celebrated the sales of 2 other co-brokerage yachts to North American buyers, he confirmed the notion: “I think overall the selection is limited for buyers looking for immediate delivery without a significant refit.”

So with limited offerings on an exploding market, it’s destined to be an interesting year for brokerage. Frank closed, “Some of the yachts available, like SILVER LINING for example, are better than new. They have already been customized with every upgrade imaginable and have been ‘broken in’ by the original owners.  Now it is a seller’s market and I’m confident that it’s going to be a great year for the brokerage business!"

Now, almost a decade later, investors are feeling more at ease. They have amassed considerable fortunes in the market and in some cases do not want to wait the long build time with a new custom yacht...
Frank Grzeszczak - Sales Consultant and US Partner, IYC