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Soliloquy sees superyachts go super green with Solar Sailor

Soliloquy: an Alastair Callender design
Soliloquy: an Alastair Callender design

Taking the environmentally friendly ‘green’ trend to a whole new level, Soliloquy is a luxury superyacht designed with eco-friendly lavishness in mind.

Soliloquy is set to become one of the ‘greenest’ luxury yachts ever built, using renewable energies as well as eco-friendly materials and construction techniques to exceed industry requirements, including the new Green Star+ certification from RINA Italy.

The motor sailor aims to carve the path for clean, luxury yachting by pioneering innovative sailing technologies. The super yacht’s eco-friendly design will ensure she is powered quietly thanks to renewable and hybrid-electric energy, which also allows for significant fuel savings with its zero-emission capabilities.

Callender’s focus behind the innovative yacht design was to offer possible solutions to current problems within the superyacht industry. “Eco-luxury should no longer be viewed as an oxymoron,” he said.

“Soliloquy is a true metaphor to show that this ideal is viable.
Soliloquy brings all the luxury one would expect of a superyacht, without the noise, vibration, fuel costs and vast pollution levels of a motor yacht, nor the crew manning levels needed of a cloth-sailed rig,” he said.

The overhead beam has been designed to house three automated and pivotally-mounted rigid-wing solarsails which will make Soliloquy a truly unique superyacht in structure and appearance. The efficient length-to-beam ratio also enables a relatively low power requirement to reach competitive cruising speeds under sail or motor.

Other unique innovations of the vessel include a superstructure that offers guests adaptable interior/exterior socialising areas, and al fresco living spaces on the main deck. The spacious interior will also be constructed with renewable materials in order to reduce the superyacht’s carbon footprint.

Photovoltaic surfacing allows for over 600 square metres of solar collection area which is converted into renewable solar energy by a Hybrid Marine Power (HMP) system and stored in the yacht's batteries. 12 hours of sunshine allows Soliloquy to run to approximately eight knots.

Soliloquy’s design will be presented at the 4th Annual Future of Superyachts Conference in Spain on the 22nd and 23rd June 2009.

Eco-luxury should no longer be viewed as an oxymoron.
Alastair Callender