2011 MYS: Andrea Pezzini Talks Marmaris & Monaco

By Paul Joseph

Whilst many in the superyacht industry may be tempted to hedge their bets amid the continued uncertainty of the marketplace, Floating Life have done no such thing.

In less than half-a-year, the Switzerland-based company has expanded its reach by opening a new charter and brokerage division, as well as creating a new superyacht base in the giant Turkish marina of Marmaris.

Superyachts.com sat down with Andrea Pezzini, CEO of Floating Life, at the recent Monaco Yacht Show to discuss the company’s bold statements of intent, as well as the overall state of the superyacht industry.

“The crisis is in place, but we are investing our money into the company, growing the company,” he said.

“We now have 15 people in Switzerland […] an office in Monaco, a new office in Turkey. We are thinking to open an office in Mexico, because we believe the business will grow again in 2-3 years.”

Mr Pezzini said that the decision to open a new charter and brokerage division was made “under pressure of our clients” – another strong indication that the industry has retained its buoyancy.

The company’s optimism was further reinforced in June with the opening of a new base in Marmaris, one of the Mediterranean’s largest marina.

“Marina Marmaris is a very large marina, with two thousand places,” Mr Pezzini said. “There are a lot of boats, and it’s a very strategic point for the east and the Arabian area."

It is hoped that the new base will open new business horizons for the company with owners from Turkey, Greece, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, Russia and Eastern Europe.

“When I visited two years ago I spoke with the manager and I found there are a lot of potential clients for our business, Mr Pezzini added, "but no-one had a management and brokerage company in place. We are the first.”

See the full video interview with Andrea Pezzini of Floating Life above this article.

By Paul Joseph
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