2011 MYS: Donald Starkey Changes ‘The World’

By Ben Roberts / Paul Joseph

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Starkey dropped by the Superyachts.com Breaking News Centre yesterday to discuss his brand new project: the self-sustaining man-made island The ‘Ome.

In a project which is entirely different from the usual routine of the world renowned designer, Donald Starkey has announced his brand-new plans in collaboration with Atoll Floating Islands LLC.

The 32m in-diameter floating villa named the ‘Ome was designed in response to the demands of a UAE Resident; however the design team had bigger plans. The ‘Ome villa design is projected to change the state of The World - the luxurious Dubai archipelago - by providing a self-sustaining floating villa to aid maintenance and irrigation for island owners.

The ‘Ome offers owners five bedrooms and a central seawater pool within a monocoque type structure. The unique floating home will provide guests with generous accommodation in a self-sustaining floating structure capable of providing power, infrastructure, waste management and importantly – irrigation support to it’s World Island for considerable periods of time. The vision of the ‘Ome is to also offer the ability to move a number of similar vessels to any chosen island on The World via barge.

The first ‘Ome should start construction in 2012 and will be offered as a turnkey project with completed finished, customized, high specification interiors for delivery in 2013/4.

By Ben Roberts / Paul Joseph
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