2011 MYS: Federico Bennewitz Discusses The Future Of VSY

By Ben Roberts

Having built the highly acclaimed and widely-awarded superyachts RoMa and Candyscape II with Espen Oeino, Viareggio SuperYachts joined Superyachts.com at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show to discuss their two new yachts and what plans the yard has for the future.

Federico Bennewitz, General Manager of Viareggio SuperYachts, is in control of a young Italian shipyard which stands against the established industry giants from the same respected region. However, Viareggio SuperYachts have worked their way up to become one of the most respected yards in the industry through a focus on quality and an expert collaboration with one of the world’s leading designers.

Drawing on the yard’s partnership with Espen Oeino, Federico Bennewitz stated, “First of all, he’s a friend, because Espen is a fantastic person and he has been with us since day one. We decided to start everything with Espen and it is also our intention to continue, possibly forever. I think he has a gift … his hands can prepare a perspective of a new vessel when you talk to him and he can imagine what you will say and is also sharing with you his point of view and his experience in this industry.”

Viareggio SuperYachts originally launched their flagship superyachts RoMa and Candyscape II last year, offering guests and owners some of the most flawless construction techniques and enviable designs to create an idyllic atmosphere on the water.

Now, Viareggio SuperYachts is working on another set of superyachts with Espen Oeino, the 72m Stella Maris and the 63.8m Duchess of Tuscany II.

Speaking on the latest construction at the yard, Stella Maris, Federico Bennewitz said, “it’s a big vessel, full of glass, full of light … it will be here in Monaco next year … The other vessel will be delivered in 2013, so we’re aiming to build one boat every year.

The dedication and focus of each individual project speaks volumes as to why Viareggio SuperYachts are considered to be one of the most up and coming yards in the world; using a unique fusion of Italian construction quality and expert North European style.

Viareggio SuperYachts have since expanded their shed facilities after facing an encouraging increase in demand and have also furthered themselves as a Green focused company; furthering developments in energy consumption, black water recycling and dynamic positioning.

In time, Viareggio SuperYachts will no doubt be introducing more and more superyachts with similar acclaim to both RoMa and Candyscape II, not to mention joining the ranks of the industry giants based in Italy.

By Ben Roberts
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